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Australian Manufactured!


Insulfluf Cellulose Fibre is made exclusively for iBatts!


Cellulose Fibre is one of the most environmentally friendly insulation products on the market. In fact it's insulation qualities are second to none with its "fluid consistency" custom fit loose fill covering an insulation space with virtually no gaps.


Insulfluf Cellulose Fibre is typically designed for ceiling spaces, perfect for topping up existing insulation or replacing damaged wet areas caused by storm etc...


Insulfluf Cellulose Fibre is vermin and fire resistant, manufactured to AS/NZS 4859


Please note when installing insulfluf or any insulation product near any electrical appliances eg: downlights, exhaust fans etc...please ensure you familiar yourself with the Wiring Rules clause - Recessed luminaires to keep a safe clearance from lights.


If unsure please contact us anytimefor any questions.

Insulfluf Cellulose Fibre Insulation

Size: 600mm x 400mm x 400mm
    • 1 pack
    • Coverage as below:

    R2.5 100mm Depth 7.5m2

    R3.0 120mm Depth 6.7m2

    R3.5 140mm Depth 6m2

    R4.0 160mm Depth 5.2m2

    R5.0 200mm Depth 3.7m2

    R6.0 230mm Depth 2.5m2

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