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Australian Manufactured!

Ideal for external walls, internal walls, ceilings or in between floors.

Please consult with your energy report if this R rating is appropriate.


Polyester Solutions manufactures the highest quality, non-irritant & easy to install insulation. Our odourless, non-toxic insulation will not only keep you warm in winter & cool in summer but as an added bonus it will also provide a sound barrier to reduce noise.

Our premium polyester insulation is non-irritant, lightweight, non-toxic, odourless and non-allergenic which allows it to be easily installed without the extra hassles of gloves, dust masks or any specialised equipment.


Polyester Solutions is a family run company with over 50 years of combined experience, dedicated to manufacturing and product development in polyester Insulation products. 

Environmental Factors


Polyester Solutions policy is committed to reducing the environmental impact of all the activities of Polyester Solutions. We are committed to sustainability and reduced energy use. Our products are made using 100% polyester fibres with a high recycled content. There is no usage of chemical binders or adhesives with their associated environmental issues

Polyester Solutions R1.5 POLYESTER BATTS 580S

Size: 1170mm x 580mm x 90mm
    • 16 Piece pack
    • Contents 10.8m2
    • Coverage 12.2m2
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