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Earthwool® insulation is made using a combination of state-of-the-art technologies, which make the insulation more comfortable to handle. Firstly, Knauf Insulation’s proprietary fiberisation process creates soft and comfortable to handle Glasswool to reduce irritation. Secondly, Knauf Insulation’s patented ECOSE® Technology binder results in a much softer, less ‘crunchy’ and less dusty insulation product compared to traditional Glasswool products made using formaldehyde.

The thermal properties of Earthwool® act as a barrier to the outside elements to limit heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer through your walls, ceiling and floor. So your home will stay at a comfortable temperature all year-round.

Earthwool® will also absorb sound transfer in external and internal walls helping to create a peaceful and happy home.

Earthwool® insulation has inherent fire performance, which means the insulation is non-combustible.

The quality of manufacture of Earthwool® is so good that we offer a full 50 year warranty.

Earthwool® is made using up to 80% recycled glass and as well as being a sustainable product the insulation has inherent thermal, acoustic and fire performance.

Earthwool® insulation made with ECOSE® Technology benefits from a binder which has no added formaldehyde and is based on renewable, bio-based materials instead of traditional petro-based chemicals. The ECOSE® Technology binder is less energy intensive than the formaldehyde binders used in our traditional Glasswool insulation.


Size: 1160mm x 430mm x 145mm
Out of Stock
    • 23 Piece pack
    • Contents 11.47m2
    • Coverage 12.87m2
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