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Australian Manufactured!

Ideal for ceilings or in between floors.

Please consult with your energy report if this R rating is appropriate.


Gold Ceiling batts can be installed when you’re building a new home, during renovations or to an existing home at a later date as long as there is access to the ceiling space. If this applies to you, you're in the perfect place to start considering how Bradford insulation can help you achieve a house design that is fundamentally modern, ecologically rich, smart, and will remain so for years to come.

You can lose up to 35% of the heat in your home through the ceilings in winter and around the same amount of heat can enter in through the ceilings during summer. Bradford Gold™ insulation essentially acts as a barrier to slow down this process and makes a substantial different to the temperature you will feel inside, meaning you can live more comfortably.


Play it smart with Bradford Gold

  • Made in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Reduces heat transfers in your home
  • Improved comfort all year round
  • Saves on energy costs
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Low allergen
  • Meets the highest Australian insulation standards
  • 70 year performance warranty
  • Environmentally sound, made from up to 80% recycled glass
  • 100% bio-soluble
  • Non combustible
  • Backed by CSR - serving Australia since 1855
  • Made by Bradford, Australia's most trusted insulation company for 80 years


SKU: IBBG41430
Size: 1160mm x 430mm x 215mm
Out of Stock
    • 10 Piece pack
    • Contents 5m2
    • Coverage 5.6m2
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