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Rhino Wrap Breather 1500mm x 30m (RP-51B-30-15) 

Up to R1.1 may be added to the wall system when Rhino Wrap RP-51 & RP-51B is installed as wall cladding behind brick veneer/timber cladding. Our specialised manufacturing process bonds together Aluminium Foil to a high strength reinforcing Polymer Mesh using a flame retardant adhesive. Our Reinforcing Polymer Mesh is purposely-treated blue in colour to reduce reflective glare problems when Rhino Wrap is installed.

Rhino Wrap Breather Heavy Duty 1500mm x 30m

Size: 1500mm x 30m
    • 1 Roll
    • Contents 1500mm x 30m
    • Coverage 45m2
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