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Ametalin SilverFloor 500™ is a double-sided, reflective, pliable building membrane, 97 percent reflective on both sides. It is designed for use as insulation under new framed sub-floors to enhance thermal performance and reduce drafts through strip flooring.

Ametalin SilverFloor 500™ has 5mm weep holes at least every 40 mm to allow excess moisture to drain.





o    The most economical double sided reflective insulation product on the Australian market

o    High vapour permeance

o    500 mm wide roll for easy installation

o    High strength, light weight

o    An excellent barrier to radiant heat, enhancing the energy performance and thermal comfort of a building



o    Content: 1 x Ametalin SilverFloor Extra Heavy Duty FLOOR INSULATION 500mmx60m

o    Model Name: INSULATION Ametalin SilverFloor 500™ Floor Insulation

o    Model number: SF-30

o    Material: Double Sided Foil Insulation

o    Colour: Silver

o    Product Dimensions (mm): W:500 H:1 L:60000

o    Package Dimensions (mm): W:500 H:100 L:100

o    Coverage Area (sp. Mtr.): 30

o    Sheet or Roll: Roll

SilverFLOOR 500

SKU: AMSF50060
Size: 60m x 500mm roll
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