1350 x 450 "Perforated Concertina Foil Batts"


Concertina Foil Batts was a family invention in 1982.

Australian Designed for Australian climate, Proudly Manufactured in Australia for Wren Industries.


  •   New and existing floors - overlapped and stapled to joists with min 50mm airspace = Total R3.0
  •   97% radiant heat flow down - reflected back to maintain warmer floor temperature
  •    Create still air above and below FOIL BATT. Enclosed perimeter walls (eg brick veneer or shade cloth behind base boards).     Open perimeter walls - use floor joist underlining
  •   Joist tops clear for gluing and cramping of flooring & easier than draping foil or supporting fibre batts with chicken wire
  •   Unstable base for nesting of rats and rodents, ie other insulations can support vermin
  •   Perforated FOIL BATTS allows floors to drain moisture from rain. Retrofit for existing floors do not need perforation holes.     Breathing of timbers occurs through unsealed overlaps. Recommended for use by Timber Promotion Council (VIC).
  •   100% waterproof lamination bonding process.


Foil Batts are a concertina foil product which also can be installed in wall, roof and ceiling applications.

Concertina Foil Batts is also a great product when combining with bulk insulation to create the ultimate insulation performance all year round. 

Wren Industries Perforated Concertina Foil Batts 1350mm x 450mm

    • 25 Piece pack
    • Contents 15.25m2
    • Coverage up to 15.25m2